Tender Process

A tender process is a structured and objectified bidding and divestiture procedure. By creating a competitive situation within a group of bidders, purchase price optimisation is achieved. This method is suitable for the private and commercial sector and also particularly suitable for the contracting authorities.


The MRG Metzger Real Estate Group creates calculations of the market value of a property to determine the best, mid and worst case scenarios of a sale price in line with national and international tender processes. Based on these calculations, a minimum offer price is set which form the basis for the sale. The property or company will not be divested for less than this price.

Firstly, a long list of potentially interested parties is created. In further steps, the circle of bidders is reduced to a short list based on the offer price. Purchase price optimisation ensues with the addition of further measures during the initial phase of the negotiations with the highest bidders, and finally the transaction is realised.

Our Services and Products

  • Calculation of the market value of the property (best, good, worst scenario)
  • Minimum offer price
  • Preparation of information memoranda
  • Management of the bidding process
  • Negotiation with the individual bidders



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Tender Process