Private and public decision-makers need sound and accurate answers to their questions concerning opportunities and risks, as well as concerning the significance of planned real estate activities. As internationally operating experts, a professional and independent assessment of property and the creation of the appropriate surveyors’ reports is part of our core business.

For our team of experts, the focus on the wishes and the corporate philosophy of the client is as much a matter of course as cross-sector thinking and efficient action. By reducing our activities to the core areas of consulting and assessment, we are completely independent and thus able to exclude any chance of conflicts of interest with our consumers.

Purpose of Valuations

  • Purchase pricing
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Submission to the Inland Revenue
  • Inheritance and succession planning
  • Inheritance and family disputes
  • Business valuations and planning
  • Assistance with bank financing
  • Land transactions in buying and selling
  • Statement of assets (inheritance, divorce, gifts)
  • Tax purposes
  • Foreclosures and
  • Insurance

Our Services and Products

  • Appraisals according to international, European and national assessment standards
  • Initial survey and follow-up evaluations
  • Due diligence
  • Fair value accountants’ opinion of financial statements
  • Experts’ opinion
  • Appraisal report for conversion of tenancies into freehold units
  • Useful life advice for tax optimization
  • Valuation of real estate funds and public limited companies
  • Reviews of planned and existing objects on the occasion of a purchase or sale



Risk & Rating

Market and Feasibility Studies

Tender Process