In the real estate business, proper and expert consulting services, tailored to the needs of the customers, are ever more the order of the day. Alongside the assessment of real estate, consulting services are among our key competencies. Our professional team of experts makes use of practises developed by us and those built on international experience. To create customized opportunity and risk analyses, knowledge of customer-specific requirements is needed. With our internationally recognized expertise, we also support clients during the preparation and execution of transactions.

Purpose of Consultancy

  • Alternative location and / or relocation
  • Structural surveys
  • Operating cost verification
  • Client representation
  • Investment decisions
  • Property and land utilisation concepts

Our Services and Products

  • Portfolio analysis and the development of portfolio strategies
  • Drafting of feasibility studies
  • Opportunity analyses and risk assessments
  • Development of project studies
  • Opinions concerning floor plan and layout
  • Site surveys
  • Site search (choice of alternative sites)
  • Coaching of governmental/economic representatives and decision-makers in aspects of real estate management and development
  • Opinions on real estate-related topics



Risk & Rating

Market and Feasibility Studies

Tender Process