Our Core Business: Assessment & Consultancy.

As we operate either as agents, property developers or investors, we retain complete independence as experts - in the interest of our clients. Our service portfolio includes not only the assessment of real estate projects in accordance with internationally accepted valuation procedures and the compilation of studies, but also customer consultancy in many matters, such as controlling of construction to the creation of utilization concepts or the verification of overheads. For the divestiture of real estate property, we conduct tender processes for our clients. For structured bidding processes, we expand the circle of interest for a property nationally and internationally, thus achieving optimal sales performance for our customers.

The market is volatile and subject to constant fluctuations. We address this fact with market and feasibility studies as well as corresponding risk and rating processes. This provides us with exact numbers and measurement results for the prospect, risk assessment and long-term strategic planning of real estate investments. This can be extremely helpful, especially for entry into new markets.

Vision & Strategy


Real estate assets are one of the leading assets in the world. Real estate has always played an important role in carrying assets through major crises and preserving their value​​.


Our Goals and Strategies

  • The strategic, business-related and capital-activating positioning of properties and prices ​​in Western and Central Europe, Eastern Europe and South-East European markets is aimed at promoting long-term sustainability.
  • The development of a capital-activating positioning of real estate is actively forced by us, not only in Austria but also in the CEE and SEE markets as well as other markets.
  • We will progressively expand the intensification of our international network in new markets. To achieve this, we have involved local experts of the highest quality and with proven ethical values. ​​
  • Our activities as consultants and evaluators shall continue to be of the highest quality.
  • We will continue to remain completely independent over the coming decades.
  • The focus on the valuation of property is an essential factor for our acceptance and independence in all areas of the real estate industry.