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For a select group of partners, customers, representatives of industry, economy, culture and politics, we publish our MRGlobal company magazine. In it, we report on the latest developments in the markets and also invite guest authors to compose written contributions in order to create high-quality magazine worth reading.

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Investment & Real Estate

Buildings & Technology

Special Properties

People & Real Estate


Mag. Alexander Neuhuber

Special Properties

DI Herwig Teufels-dorfer

DI Dieter Hayde

Subsidized Housing in Vienna

Real Estate Management for the Future

Investing in agriculture and forestry

Risk & Rating

The Italian real estate market

The Viennese canal network

Mag. Ernst Vejdovszky


Hugh F. Kelly

Pro Natura - ÖBf

Karin Fuhrmann


Gregor Drexler

Othmar Michaeler

Larry Silverstein


about India´s Real Estate Market

The Future of CEE/SEE

Alexander Romanenko

Michael Griesmayr

Arthur P. Pasquarella

Warsaw - against the Crisis

Prof. Alfons Metzger

Herbert Logar

Michael Ludwig

The Association of Cities in Innsbruck

Continuity, Separation or War of the Roses?

Christoph Stadlhuber

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor